måndag 10 januari 2011

Unsure on ice

Today the whole town might as well have been a skating rink, the roads where so slippery! I remembered making an entery about different falls last winter I spent in Sweden and got inspiered. I saw some new falls today to add to my list.

4. "The dead spider"
This was the first thing I saw this morning, there is a young androgynous looking fellow who lives in the same apartment complex as me who went out the door right before me. He didn't manage to take more then a step outside before he fell ass over teakettle. This type of fall is quite common although it's usualy seen performed by senior citizens. Both feet slide away and for a split second one is levitating, then you hit the ground and lay there flat on your back with arms and legs in the air, like a dead spider.
5. "Timber!"
I encountered this man outside his house, at first he seemed unaware of the ice as he walked with hands in pockets towards his garage. His feet slipped a couple of times but without breaking his confidence, he continued untill the road started to slope ever so slightly and suddenley he fell to the side, back straight and hands still in pockets. His friend who stod at the end of the driveway shuffeling snow didn't even notice it.
6. "The show is over"
My only fall today, I belive my balance has improved since last time, I made it all the way to the parkinglot of my work before I fell. This fact must have given me some false confidence and naturally it went straight to my head. I came on too strong, I tried to make good time and increased my speed but it backfiered on me. My foot slipped and slided backwards with great force and my legs crossed like a scissor. I fought the fall with all my might since I didn't want to ruin the nice dress I was wearing so I never acctually landed on my behind, I just sluped over in a stupid bow-like movement as if to say: That is all folks!

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