onsdag 12 januari 2011

A womans scent: Favourite fragrances I

I love perfume, along things like way too many bags, unpracticaly high heels and expensive jewlery I find it's the quickest way to put a sparkeling touch on a grey day. It's yet another oportunity to customize and express yourself. Because of this I thought I would start another miniseries of entries, introducing some of my favourite fragrances in short. First up is my recent favourite, latley I wear it all the time.

L by Lolita LempickaScent: A strong spicy fragrance with hints of orange and cinnamon that brings my thoughts to the beaches of egypt. It's quite bold but works great for daytime use and will last a long time.

Price: Ranges from 299 sek

Type: EdP

Size: 50 ml"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future"

Coco Chanel

2 kommentarer:

→RiAღ sa...

I love perfume hehe :)
My favorite is Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie <3

Josephine Valentine sa...

→RiAღ: Now I have to look for those next time I go to the perfume shop!