fredag 28 januari 2011

Holy matrimony

I was talking to my mom on the phone today, it looks like my brother and Reiko has decided on a date for their wedding. I'm so exited, I haven't been to a wedding since I was little and Henrik is the first of my brothers to tie the knot. I'm so happy they decided to marry, having Reiko as a sister in law and a part of ouer family is really exiting. The official wedding will be in my hometime and the'll have a smaller cermony for family in Tokyo.Me beeing me I had two things in mind, first of all: Reikos ring is so beautiful! According to Japanese "tradition" the ring costs three months salary, I hope that when I wed my man will follow this too. My mom says she thinks it's an unneccesary amount of money but I think it's quite romantic and shows comittment to the marrige. Hopefully you'll wear that ring for the rest of your life.
Secondly: What will I wear? Many lolitas will tell you that this is one of the hardest occasions to dress for. You want to feel like feel pretty and like yourself but without outstageing the bride or turning it into a freakshow. Dressing down is the key, I had a quick look around some of my favourite brands and I think I found the perfect dress alredy. A lovley Victorian Maiden piece in a kamel cream chiffong with a simple silhouette and chocolate brown accents. I think it will look both beautiful and approriate with some lacy white tights and brown pumps.
What do you think? Has anyone been to a wedding or even gotten married recently?

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Maria, sa...

I wore a long Innocent World dress for my friend's wedding. She specifically asked me not to come in anything exaggerated lolita so I just dressed down. I think that VM dress is good, it's beautiful.