onsdag 23 mars 2011

It's an Innocent World

I was just going to order a couple of blouses to compliment my other IW dresses but I just couldn't help myself so here is what I got.Lauretta JSK
Antique rose blouse in beige and white
Rose line overknee socks in mocca x beige
Alisha ribbon headbow in black
Olivine headdress in beige

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Lovely stuff!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Bianca: I though you might think so, haha. I acctually wanted the dress in the same colourway you got it in first but I'm sort of hooked on this pink-beige colourway latley.

Jamboree sa...

That has to be the prettiest dress I have seen in such a long time - wonderful selection.

MarieElendir sa...

omg!! *die because of love*!!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Jamboree & MarieElendir: It's all really beautiful!