torsdag 10 mars 2011

New camera

Finaly! I've wanted a newcamera ever since I lost mine, wich I worked really hard on to deco, on the plane home from Tokyo. I've had one on loan from my father ever since, he won it through a crossword puzzle contest in the newspaper so it wasn't too good. That's one of the reasons I've been sort of bad with picture posts for quite some time now.
I orignialy wanted to buy the same model I had in Japan since I know that model was really good and it isn't too pricy now either since it's almost a year old. However I decided on the newer model, not because it can shoot in HD, but because it comes in a much cuter shade of pink. The front surface is really flat and neat so it would be perfect to do deco on but I think it's really cute as it is so I don't think I'll touch it.

4 kommentarer:

Sigrid sa...

Har den där kameran, den tar faktiskt riktigt bra bilder. Har inga som helst problem med den förutom att den kan göra bilderna lite extra ljusa men det går ju att fixa till på datorn om man stör sig av det!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Sigrid: Ja, jag föredrar om man inte måste hålla på med dem i datorn dock, så jag får väl hållapåmedlite olika inställningar och se vad som blir bäst.

Ice Pandora sa...

Congratulations with the new camera ^^
I had a pink camera aswell,
i'm using a DLSR now. If they had a pink DLSR I would totally buy one


Josephine Valentine sa...

IcePandora: Thankyou,I just do simple photagraphy for the blog so I think this one will do fine for me.