lördag 12 mars 2011

Great quake

Both my facebook and twitter accounts are overflowing with everybodys updates on the earthquake in Japan, I'm glad to see that my friends and extended family are alright in Tokyo (I had to leave work and call around to make sure), but still the consequenses are devastating. I remember how scared I was everytime we had a quake when I lived there, taking cover under a table and not knowing what to do, and I only ever experienced smaler ones. I feel for everyone affected, natural disasters have never been a threat as I live in Sweden and watching the news reports on this it's something I'm really thankfull for.

3 kommentarer:

Arika sa...

I have a friend 10 minutes outside of the central quake area that I was worried about. I was super relived to find out she was okay but I was freaking out a bit for awhile there.

Nelia sa...

gDet mättes till 7.8 där jag befann mig igår och det var verkligen jätte äckligt, det pågar fortfarande efterskalv regelbundet D:

Josephine Valentine sa...

Arika: Wow yeah, so close to center, it must have been terrible! I don't know anyone north of Tokyo/Yokohama really and that seems like it was terrible even though it was alot weaker there.
Nelia: Ja många av mina gamla klasskamrater kunde inte ta sig hem från skolan på mer än ett dygn på grund av alla efterskalven.