onsdag 18 maj 2011

Mermaid dreams

I've slowly fallen in love with this dress, it's pretty but it's also so... Prom-y? Not really what I usualy like so I don't know where this fantasy came from but all of the sudden I want to be the little mermaid for a night and go dancing on a moonlit bridge in this dress.
Maybe it's the colour? I'm loving turquoise and aqua green for this summer.

7 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I have to agree, it's quite prom-y, but cute non the less!

La Mome Neant sa...

Hi Josephine!
Could you mail me your postal address, I'd like to send you designs from Ernest and Celestine, as I promised.
Puss Puss


Josephine Valentine sa...

Bianca: To bad I'm not going to any prom in the nearest future ;D
La Mome Neant: Ofcourse, it's so sweet of you, do you have a mail adress I can send it to? My email is either Okage@gothloli.se or josephinevalentine@gmail.com if you like to send it more private!

Rosalynn sa...

God I want this dress so much! ^^

Princess Gigglesnort sa...

Isn't it wonderful?~
I was so lucky to grab the last Blue OP for my graduation present~ I love mermaids and I dream everyday of living in a wonderful undersea castle somewhere in the ocean (>u< )~ I lovveeelovelove the sea!~

Good luck on getting the JSK~!

Kati カティ sa...

You are so cute <3 I'm your new reader ^^ http://www.katinosky.blogspot.com/

Josephine Valentine sa...

Rosalynn: Me too, I hope we both find it someday!
Princess Gigglesnort: Oh you're lucky, I bet it looks wonderful on you!
Kati カティ: Thankyou so much! I'm happy you decided to follow!