måndag 2 maj 2011

Lolitaloppis 2011

A gothic table, manned by Victoria and Teppo, I always love their extravagant outfits! They sew and customize a lot themselfs so their decadent ensembles are one of a kind and practically haute couture.Such lovley visitors! I know I always say this but the Swedish lolita comunity really makes me proud, so many beautiful and kind girls and boys with great style!Artist Ulrika Minami-Wärmling who famously does alot of Gothic lolita portraits stopped by with her son Dexter, both insanly cute!

6 kommentarer:

Kels sa...

*Eyes pop.*
That looks like so much fun!

Maria ♥ sa...

And the only part of me visible is the lower part of my body. :P That's how much I moved around.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Kels: It was! Hectic but fun!
Maria♥: Haha, I have plenty more ;D

Rosalynn sa...

It looks sooooooooooo amazing! I'm jealous! ^^

Anonym sa...

Oh God! That's so amazing *.*

Much fun baby ^w^

Sugary kisses <3

Josephine Valentine sa...

Rosalynn & Sachiko: You're welcome to visit if we do this again in the future, this year we had visitors from France and Finland!