söndag 8 maj 2011

The piano has been shopping (not me)

Wow this last package was massive! I was thinking I might have to split it up but that's just too much of a hassle, I'll justthrow everything in at once.
Traded in my JSK of this series for the OP, I love the print but the shirring in the back of the JSK wasn't doing anything for me. I bought a set so I got the bow and the socks aswell.
Some extra socks, Angelic Pretty, Emily temple cute and Angelic Pretty again.
One of my last dream dresses to cross of the list! I originaly wanted the darker gray one, the one that's the same tartan as my trenchcoat, but you can't be too picky with colour if you want it in nice condition. It's quite old and the print is the kind of plastic print wich easily cracks (I don't think any lolita brand prints like that anymore). I have the same issue with my final dream dress, Puppet Circus.
Not a single crack! I was so relieved.
Wrapping ribbon, this print just screams MILK to me, not like that's a bad thing though. I got a tule MILK bow with little pink rhinestones on it to match, too cute!
Beige part of the package!
Big chunky wooden cross is by current crush EGOIST (note to self get more of this seasons crosses)
Brown higwaisted skirt from Innocent World
High heeled loafers in two colours from Esperanza
High heeled oxfords by Randa
Big floppy hat is an offbrand find
Another JSG shirt, I love my blue one to death so I got the pink/black one aswell
LDS red bowler hat
Vivienne Westwood gingham ascott
Union jack skinny tie is an ebay find

7 kommentarer:

Maria ♥ sa...

Clever of you to sort after colours. I might do that too, I feel like I have been shopping like a madwoman myself lately...

Josephine Valentine sa...

Maria: Looks better in the pictures if you do! ;D

Anonym sa...

That's wonderful! But I just have to ask you something.

What measurement do you have? Cuz I thought you and me had about the same but then I see that you can hade clothes that are way too small for me. Don't take it personal, it's mostly for my own sake.

Kami No Pocky sa...

Those are some really cute dresses you have there~

Josephine Valentine sa...

Anonym: It's alright, my weight tends to fluctuate quite a bit so maybe that's why you're confused.
Kami no pocky: Thankyou!

Nana sa...

Where did you get the red bowler hat?

Josephine Valentine sa...

Nana: It's by japanese brand LDS, I found it at mbok!