onsdag 2 december 2009

The definition of OTT

Angelic Prettys latest, ridicilously decked out velvet creation reminds me of the kind of birthday cards I made when I was a youngster where I would just pour glue on a piece of coloured paper and stick glitter and ribbons and shit on like there was no tomorrow and then go crazy with crayons all over the place... And not in a good way.

4 kommentarer:

さらまり sa...

Wow the alternating white and pink sections on the skirt look like a circus tent!

Your new layout is super pretty!

Ribbonlicious sa...

Well, tat's AP :)
A little too much on the border, looks a bit like the famous Carnival OP ^^

Caro-chan sa...

XD Oh wow that is what it looks like! What is AP's new print called?

Josephine Valentine sa...

さらまり: Yeah I like that part of the design acctually! ^^
Thankyou, working hard on it so I apologise it will be a bit messy this week but I think it will end up great!

Ribbonlicious: A little bit yeah however I personaly think Carnival is in much better taste then this.

Caro-chan: I do belive it's called "Marionette girl"!