torsdag 31 december 2009

A new decade ahead

Leaving the double zero decade behind us now, I still remember what it was like at the end of 1999 with all the hysterics and novelty gadgets, hard to think it has alredy been ten years. I must be getting old. My new years resolution this year is basicly the same I gave in secret last year, I usualy don't go official with my resolutions since then I won't be the only one to notice when I mess up but I will try my best to take better care of relationships to friends and family that I love and try to eat healthier.
How will you try to improve yourself this year?
Happy new years to everyone, I hope you have a wonderfull last night of 2009!

3 kommentarer:

Meri ja Anni sa...

Happy new year!:) T:Anni

Emma sa...

This year im gonna make a stranger happy... :D Happy new year!<3

Doktor Lala sa...

Mitt löfte är att se hela starzinger och cyborg 009!