fredag 11 december 2009


Peopel around me here in Japan are slowly switching from calling me Josephinesan to Josephinechan, shouldn't it be the other way around as I'm not getting younger?

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Maria ♥ sa...

I always thought -chan is for unformal aquaintances, like closer friends. Like they know you better and for a longer period.

さらまり sa...

Maybe you are getting younger! ^^ hehe But it's nice people are feeling closer to you.

When I was staying in Japan even the children called me "Sara-chan" haha!

rusty sa...

Vad Maria skrev. Så är det. De har bara blivit bättre vänner med dig! :D

Josephine Valentine sa...

さらまり: Haha, but the kids have always called me chan here, I think they just use that suffix alot more.
Maria & rusty: Ni har antagligen rätt ^^