fredag 4 december 2009

Layton bread

Awsome! It even comes complete with a little puzzle on the back to ponder on whilst you are eating.

4 kommentarer:

さらまり sa...

Oh those look really neat, the vanilla one looks yummy but I'm not into the mayo in the first haha^^

SaffronSugar sa...

Oh god. That is adorable. I love edible merchandise, I wish we had stuff like this in Sweden!

((*natsi*)) sa...

waa so adorable! *-*

Josephine Valentine sa...

さらまり: Ah, me neither, I discovered to late it was mayo, when I was in the store I was just like ZOMFG Layton bread and thought it was cheese *_*

SaffronSugar: Me to, it makes eating alot more fun!

((*natsi*)): I knoow, I think I might start living on this in the future *_*