lördag 5 december 2009

New layout!

I'm sorry if the blogg has been a little bit messy this week but I'm done now! I really like the three column look alot better since it feels more balanced and I hope the new colour scheme is warmer and more welcoming.
Maybe I'll tinker around with the colours of the text a little bit more since it seems hard to read in places but other then that this is the new look, do you like it?

5 kommentarer:

alice sa...

I really like the new layout, I think it suits you well! ♥

pon sa...

Vet inte om det är meningen, men om man iaf kör på 1680x1050 får man två vita kanter på varje sida

Josephine Valentine sa...

pon: Augh, inte meningen, verkar som jag kanske inte är klar after all T_T

Maria ♥ sa...

Looks nice from here, babe.

Miss Scabtree sa...

I adore the new layout! How did you get it like that
Made it yourself?
Gaah so cute and luckyy