lördag 12 februari 2011

Bisquit & Chocolate

Two of my favourite things in one dress! I love this print a lot although I prefer it in blue and creme, but it's a pretty rare print so I'm happy to have it at all!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

It sure is a lovely print!

ƚみのりƚ sa...

it is a wonderful pritnt! once upon a time i remember i bought two in harajuku ♥(^ ω ^)φ(x1)χ(x2) +

i dont know how i found your blog, but i really loved it a lot!
and you really look like a doll♥

Hope we can be friends!! I love Europe!
I'm Begi (half japanese/half ecuadorian)^0^

Since now I'm following your blog♥
Awonderful moments for you♥(^ω^)シ

Josephine Valentine sa...

Bianca: Yeah I still don't see why you sold yours *_*
ƚみのりƚ:Oh I miss shopping in harajuku, so much easier to find rare prints *_*
Thankyouso much your your kind words! I'm so happy you like my blog and I'm flattered that you'll follow!