onsdag 16 februari 2011


A happy belated Valentines day to everyone of my sweet readers! I'm never on time with theese holliday greetings anymore, this time I'm having issues with my internet service. The line has been out for like two days straight and my phone is short on cash so I can't even check updates on that. Wah, it's like the 90's all over again!
To add to my misery I had to work on Valentines, I think that should pay extra just as Christmas and new years eve, atleast if youre dating! I only had 45 minutes after work to change and get redy for dinner, I felt like such a mess at the resturant. Atleast everything else was perfect so I hope you all had a great day!

4 kommentarer:

Bianca sa...

Happy belated Valentines day to you too dear!
Sorry to hear about your internet connection though, I've had the same problem until recently and it's so frustrating!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Bianca: Yeah so annoying and still it wasn't the worst for me, my friends who studie computer science had a hard time getting their schoolwork done! I hope it will show one the bill that I haven't been able to use it for almost a week now.

The Pink Fairies sa...

Happy valentine my dear:)

Bianca sa...

Awh, that sucks! :/ We only got a slight compensation from our internet company when we were unable to use our connection for half a year (it disappeared for about an hour, then came back for half an hour etc), so I hope you have better luck!