torsdag 17 februari 2011

French Café

I really want to love this print a lot more, it's so on point with my latest obsessions! Bright colours (especially blue and red together), biscuits and cutlery. It even has my permanent obsession of tea cups!

However I'm not in love. I looked over both the skirts and the dresses several times but they just feel sort of bland, I wonder if I've become so alergic to cotton lace that it's ruining the dress for me! A while back I decided that I'll only have dresses with frill or tule lace trimmings because I feel better in them, cotton lace is cute but I think it's a really young look and I'm starting to think it doesn't really suit me anymore.
The accessory line migh be more right for me this time I suppose, I wouldn't mind the adoreble jewlery and those socks are to die for!

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Bianca sa...

I agree that the accessories from that line is quite adorable!