fredag 11 februari 2011

New techno toy

I picked up my new computer today, such fast shipping but I guess I'm not used to ordering within Sweden. Since I was working today I haven't had alot of time with it yet but I think it will turn out to be a great computer for me. For those of you who asked it's a HP mini in pink tartan. I mostly use my laptop for blogging so I've been thinking about getting a smaller one for a while and now I'm really happy I did. It's super light weight and it fits into most of my purses, I'm sure I'll bring it with me alot more for blogging on the road
Protective plastic makes it look a wobbly but the colour is just gorgeous, I want a dress made in this pattern! I was choosing between this one and an Asus EEE 1015 PEM in baby pink, but after some discusion with friends more knowledgeable about computers than me I think that I made the right choice.
Wah, look even the touchpad is tartan, too cute!

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Rosalynn sa...


Josephine Valentine sa...

Rosalynn: Isn't it adoreble! <3_<3

Catalina sa...

Jag har den andra som inte du köpte x3

Josephine Valentine sa...

Catalina: Är den bra? Jag hade en asus förut och var rätt nöjd med den men i slutänden kunde ja inte motstå en rutig dator ^^,