lördag 19 februari 2011

Style cravings

I'm getting super tiered of winter weather, I want new cute spring fashion! Tigh high socks and heels instead of tick tights and boots and I want to cut down on all the layers! Everyday I have like four layers on, I feel so bulky and uncomfortable. Theese are currently my most wanted items.
The red bowleer hat. I've seen it around on the blogs all winter but I don't know where it's from! It always looks so fabulous! I always love hats but the best time to use them is in the spring, it's not too hot like in the summer, not windy like autumn and not too cold like winter. I'll be honest, this whole outfit is pretty damn adoreble! It's another really cute hat and I'd actually wear all of it but my favourite point is the shoes, super high-heeled tassle loafers! Where did she get them, I want a pair for myself so bad.
I found similar pairs at Top shop that was cute but they had such a chunky heel, I prefer the ones in the picture, they look more delicate and more fitting for the comming season.

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Piperita Patty sa...

You can find the red bowler on Wonder Rocket's site, under the subbrand Momo: http://www.wonderrocket.com/ec/cmShopTopPage1.html

Anonym sa...

gosh i love it! and i know exactly what you mean with being sick of the winter!
your blog's really cute :3

Catalina sa...

Jo jag undrar en grej, hur mycket brukar frakten gå på när man beställer utomlands?
och har du någonsin råkat ut för tullen? Och hur mkt går det på ungefär?
Jag undrar för att jag vill köpa mig denna underbara klänning som jag blivit helt kär i http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-2076/Victorian-Rococo-Lolita-Jacquard/Detail men jag har aldrig beställt något utanför Sverige så jag är lite nervös.

Tack på förhand^^

Princess Gigglesnort sa...

Ohh the second picture is so cute! I love the outfit she's wearing (>u< ) And I totally agree with you about the hats~ I love wearing big straw hats in the summer~... Though I suppose that's more a mori-kei style... But paired with bows, pearls and big cute flowers make it more gyaru/loli!~

Josephine Valentine sa...

Piperita Patty: Thankyou so much for the tip! I'm partial to the ones in a brighter red colour but if I can't find any I might get that one.
dschulie: Thankyou so much, I'm glad you like my blog! Let's both hope for spring soon!*_*
Catalina: Frakten beror ju helt på föremålet och vilken typ av frakt man väljer, det brukar sidorna man beställer ifrån ofta ha info om. Vad det gäller tullen så råkar man rätt ofta ut för dem, det man kan göra för att försöka undvika den är att be säljaren märka ner värdet på paketet. Det är dock olagligt så många företag gör det inte. Skulle man råka på tull brukar det ligga på ca 30% av paketvärdet.
Hoppas det hjälpte!
Princess Gigglesnort: I think depending on what you wear it with, strawhats can be worked into most styles! I'm a big fan myself, not only because they look great but they are such a lifesaver when it comes to giving your face some sunprotection. ^,^