torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Annual closet rant

It's as certain as the tide, with the change of season comes the wardrobe angst. I don't feel like getting dressed latley because of how unhappy I am with how my closet looks. I still like my dresses, they are cute and all but I don't feel they fit the gloomy weather that we're having right now. I want a duller colour pallet of dusty pink and lavender, beige, brown and cream. I think that with some new cardigans and blouses I could make it work for me but winter clothes shopping is so expensive. For the upcoming autumn/winter I would like to acquire a new coat (preferably both a long and a short one), a pair of boots and a stiff brimmed bonnett on top of all the new tops but will I be able to stick to my closet plan? Especially with that God damned re-release of Melty Chocolat and no secure income. Will I have to survive the winter in pastel?

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Hope Ava sa...

Oh my god I love that heart purse with the darling little puff! Just discovered your lovely blog and am renewing my affection for all things lolita. I totally empathize with your winter wardrobe plight! As soon as mid august kicks in I start yearning for the comfort of fall and winter fashions. I have several flouncy plaid skirts just waiting for the first weather appropriate day!

Have a beautiful weekend!
Hope Ava

Josephine Valentine sa...

Thankyou, bag is by MILK and the bag charm is by Angelic Pretty.
I wish I had more of a summer and winter closet but I usualy sell off alot of my clothes when they go of season, I really need to stop doing that since I tend to end up regreting it a few months later. O_o,
Anyway, thanks again, I'm glad you like my blog!

Ria sa...

I know this comment comes pretty late, but if it's any consolation for the rerelease of Melty, the lace runs so AP's trying to get people to return them :S

And I know what you mean when the closet angst kicks in.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Ria: I had no clue, it's a bit of a consolation acctualy since it's a pretty big issue, especialy since you would still have to spend around 40 000yen on it, at least!