fredag 13 augusti 2010

Tutorial: Messy doubble bun updo

Products needed for this tutorial:
  • Curling iron
  • Scrungie
  • Bobby pins

  • Smoothing lotion
  • Clip-in Extensions (if you have short hair like me
  • Hairspray

  • Begin with parting your hair in a slightly assymetrical style and do two pigtails, a low one behind your ear and a high one, slightly larger, above your other ear. I always brush in some smoothing lotion when I do updos since it makes my hair easier to handle.
    Pre-curl and spray your extensions (or your real hair) to your own liking, I tried using a larger curling iron for this turorial therefore it came out much flatter then the other day. For this picture I used a small iron and pinned both buns down much harder so if you want you may vary the look for different occasions.
    Clip in your extensions around the pigtails, I'm no expert at doing this flawlessly but since it will be covered by hair once we're done anyway it doesn't really matter.This is what it looks like on, now tease/backcomb the hair to give your buns some volume. How much you should tease depends on how big a bun you want but remember to always make the higer one a little bit larger.
    Twist and pin the teased hair around your pigtail, pin the lower one hard. The top one should be kept more airy, just use a couple of bobby pins and let a few long strands of hair hang down from it. If you like, you can bring out your curling iron again to touch up the hanging curls. Finish with hairspray to fix it and add some decorations if you like.

    Now you're all done!

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    Anonym sa...

    Omg u r so adorable, thank you so much<3

    Josephine Valentine sa...

    You're welcome dear ~♥