lördag 7 augusti 2010

Pt. II Princess Goldilocks

Part II
Cyperous' Princess Goldilocks
The perfect princess
Brand: Cyperous
Price: ¥6,900
Style: Full curly wig
Colour: Milk Tea
Length: 60cm
Volume: 4/5
Care: Wig shampoo, soft brush
Styling time: 10-15 minutes.
Now this is a full wig so it's best worn with a wig cap underneith to keep your own hair from peeping out. If you don't want to spend money on a real one you can easily make one yourself by cutting up a pair of stockings. Keep in mind that it's alot like wearing a hat so you might reconsider putting it on if it's realy warm outside. When washing it you don't need to worry about killing the volume but don't let it dry hanging, put it on a couple of towels lying down instead since the hanging stretches the curls, and make sure not to brush it untill it's completley dry.

My thoughts: The quality of this one is wonderfull, the hair texture looks and photographs just like real hair and it doesn't have an unnatural shine like alot of fake hair do. A full wig is even less work then a half wig, just pop it in, give it a light brush and your good to go. If you are not used to wigs you might feel slightly uncomfortable and worry about it moving around or even falling off. I feel wearing a bonnet or a bow on a headband helps me. it makes me feel more secure since it holds the wig in place and covers the parting wich usualy is the most artificial looking part of a wig. This wig, because there is alot of build in volume, doesn't have an imitation scalp so I would definetley recomend some kind of headdress. It's realy nice to wear during wintertime for the extra layer but I find it hard to have it on for a twelve houer day without it getting a little bit hot and bothered. If you have sensetive skin it might also get itchy since the inside of the wig is quite coarse.
Putting it on: This one is super easy and fast to get on, just get your wig cap on and be generous with the bobby pins, the weight of the build in buffon demands you secure it carefuly. Style it with a soft brush and your hands so that you don't ruin the curls.
Plus & minus:
+ The look, instant princess perfection!
+ Great quality
+ Durable curls and volume
-/+ it's a thick full wig so it can get realy warm, great in winter, not so great in summer.
- The price, a litle bit on the expensive side considering you'll have to use a shoppingservice unless you live in japan, wich means another 10-20% of the price is added on.
Overall score: 4.5/5

Right for you if you're: Looking for a wig to give you hair too perfect to be true. Suitable for a fancy dinner, a meetup, tea partie or any other time when you want to be the absolute belle of the ball. You're sure to look eyecatchingly beautiful as long as you can take the heat.

Next time: La croix noir Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon

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