torsdag 5 augusti 2010

In keeping of beautiful things: Declutter your life

It's been a while! This will just be a short entery in this series but I intend to post more tips on organizing shortly since I'm, big news, slowly preparing to move. Once that is over and done with I'll have an excellent opportunity to show step by step organization as I unpack and decorate. But that is for the future, today I will continue the focus on the little things, ergo jewelry! So we got the earrings out of the way but it doesn't stop there. Not only lolitas, but ladies in general, have a tendensy to turn into magpies and become hoarders of sparkely, cute things. And honestly, with so much gorgeousmess available, who can blame us? But there is such a thing as too much, if it starts to turn into clutter then you can't enjoy your things anymore. Necklaces and bracelets tangle, earrings loose their mate, you can't find that one ring you need for your outfit, it's terrible. In the end, taking time to organize will save you so much unnecessary ransacking through drawers so let's get started!
The first thing to do is naturaly to get rid of excessive things, be ruthless and keep only the things that you really, really love. If it was an investment you can always try to cut your loses and sell it but if it's just cheap, five dollar pieces, I would say don't bother with it. It's unlikley to be worth the effort so just throw it out!
Cleaning out is just the first step though, when you've done it once you need to maintain that order. Remember to control your impulses and not buy stuff just because it's cheap, think about wheather or not you will actually use it.
As for my storage, I keep my jewelry in the pull-out drawers of my make-up table and I prefer having my necklaces lying down instead of hanging but that's just a matter of taste.
I like them lying down because, I'll confess, I'm a box-o-holic, I keep everything from shoes, to bows and hats to necklaces in boxes. Most nicer jewelry come with cases from the store so just keep them in that unless it's really ugly.
For the pieces that come unwrapped from the store, there are other types of boxes who fit the purpose so be on the lookout. I ,for example, use a soap and match box.
I keep the boxes without a brand labeling open so I know what's in them and I stuff them with pink silk paper since they don't have those tiny velvet cussions that usualy come with boxes from the jewelry store. The paper isn't just for added cuteness, it works as a paddig whenever you bring your bling with you.
Now this is my pull-out drawer! I avoid stacking things on top of eachother, the best thing is to keep as much as possible visible so you always know what you've got. It makes it easy to pick what to wear with your daily outfits.
When you run out of suitable miniature boxes, it's time to break out the jewelry cases! They come in every shape and style imaginable so just pick and choose a couple that fit your general style of interior design. The egg was bought at a second hand shop for 50Kr. It can't be used as a display case so I keep plastic bangles and rings in it since they look like a tangeled mess if they are visible. The box was bought at an antique fair, also for about 50kr, but it's not old so you can find it or boxes just like it everywhere. Since I got mine used, the velvet on the inside is a bit worn but that doesn't matter, this case can be kept open so it needs to be filled up anyway. I used a throw away piece of red velvet again, left from my curtains, to create a soft bed for the jewelry.
Select pieces that go well together and with the box and arange them as you like, my theeme for this case is the interior design of a baroque castle, what do you think?
To be continued...

3 kommentarer:

Sara sa...

reminding me that I need to do something about my jewelry as well, sigh. I don't like hanging necklaces either, but I do because it's easiest!

❤Cate❤ sa...

Wonderful advice, I'm starting to be quite ruthless with my jewellery now (which is hard when you're a jewellery maker!) and have been trying different ways to store it myself this is my latest way

Although I must admitt I still have quite a few things all tangled up in drawers!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Sara: Ha, it's true, hanging necklaces save alot less space too *_*

❤Cate❤: I love how unique you made them, you really managed to take away their savana look! And in all honesty, I also have one more drawer of mess wich is hard to clean out because it's not really stuff I like but it's expensive presents and heirlooms...