tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Pt. I Oversleeping beauty

Part I
Maple's Oversleeping Beauty
A quick hime look
Brand: Maple
Price: ¥3,900
Style: Half wig, wavy
Colour: Milk Tea
Length: 55cm
Volyme: 3/5
Care: Wig shampoo, wig powder to counteract shine, comb & brush.
Styling time: 5-10 min
A half wig is fastened by two long, flexible combs that you secure into your own hair. You can either put it over a high ponytail for more volyme or just slip it into your hair as it is. If you have thin hair like me I recomend teasing your roots so the combs won't slide out, once it's on you won't even feel it. Since it's a half wig it doesn't cover your entire scalp so your skin can brethe wich prevents it from getting too hot and it doesn't itch.My thoughts: The quality of this one is okay for the price, the hair is a bit on the shiny/silky side but since it's a half wig it's easier to blend with your real hair. I feel the wavy style is easier to care for as far as washing and brushing goes, making for a more durable wig. Half wigs, for me, have a slightly more secure feeling when doing activeties such as clubbing or anything else with alot of movement. The fit feels secure and I don't worry about it comming off, becauce if it does, atleast I'm not left standing in my wig cap.Putting it on: Comb a piece of your hair forward before you put on the hairpiece and comb your real hair back over and into the fake hair, this will make it harder to see a clear line where the piece starts and make the look more natural. You can also help cover up the transition area with a cute hair accessory!Plus & Minus:
- The quality, mine is about six months old and is getting seriously frissy in the edges.
+ Quick styling
+ Comfort
+ Easy maintenance
+ Natural feel and look
Overall score: 4/5Right for you if you're: Looking for a temporary extension and enhancement of your hair that is comfortable and not too over the top. A quick fix that's great for parties and clubbing and is sure to put a princess touch to any event.

Next time: Cyperous' Princess Goldilocks

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Pinkzombies sa...

i love this, thank you for sharing.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Pinkzombies: I'm glad you like it!

Elin sa...

du är underbart söt!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Elin: Tack! ~♥