lördag 18 december 2010

Belated shopping post, the lost package

It's home! This is a pretty smal package, the socks are a gift from my shopping service, they are cute but the dark pink colour on them is a little bit obnoxious. The main point is of course the chocolate ribbon JSK, it's hard to take a picture of the beauty of this dress it's the softest chiffon I've ever seen, the little sleeves flutter like butterfly wings in the wind!I ended up getting the black Egoist tail for my VM bag, I'm happy with my choice, I was worried the silver chain and charm would not go with the antique gold of the bag but I'm not really bothered by it.The Emily temple cute cutsew is super simple, it's basicly just a brown turtleneck but it has the style point of the button up back and the neck ribbon wich is so lovley, makes me want to wear my hair up!And last is Q-pot, my love! I wish I owned a lot more of this brand but it's often a little on the pricy side even if you do get it second hand, I managed to get this pretty cheap though. I got it new and unused in the bag and before I got it out of the plastic I was thinking how yummy it looked but once it got out it smelled really strong of plastic, maybe they have to make it smell artificial so no one accidentaly eats it.
I think maybe this will be the last of my cocoa fashion cravings, I have a pretty nice selection of it by now. I still don't have the melty chocolate OP I guess but since the new series have bleeding lace I'm not sure it's worth the money even if they're not that expensive in auctions anymore, is there anyway to tell if it's the new or the old one from just pictures?
Everything purchased on this recent obsession together in one cooridnate just for giggles.
Chocolate love, next halloween I can go as a milk dud!

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MisVermilion sa...

The Qpot chocolate necklace is cuteee!! I love chocolate theme por clothes and accesories <3

Josephine Valentine sa...

MisVermilion: Me too, haha, it's been my obsession latley! But I don't think I should get much more of it right now, sooo much brown in my closet right now *_*

Anonym sa...

There's no real way to tell if it's first or second release from outside alone for the Melty Chocolate. However the number code on the washing tag is different on the first release and second releases. Each AP product has it's own unique number even if it's a re-release of a print and a four digit code will show up on the washing tag and that's how you tell if you have a geniue 1st release because the numbers will be different between the two releases.