tisdag 14 december 2010

The Cursed dress

I loved it from the start, I saw it and knew we where ment to bee! But it seems faith had other things in mind for us. The whole thing started when I, despite using two different shopping services, couldn't find it in stores. Then began the auction hunting, I got outbid, sniped, won only to find a week later that the seller vanished from the face of the eart. Untill I finaly won. The dress made it into the inovice of my shopping service, it got sent of and when it arrived in Stockholm Maria even saw the dress! It was real!
Then I made what seems to have been the fatal misstake, instead of waiting a week untill I was going to stockholm and pick it up for myself, I asked her to send it. I wanted it as soon as possible!
But the week went, and no package for me.
It's monday and no package for me.
If the postal service have lost this for me I might have to kill myself!

3 kommentarer:

Caro-chan sa...

Oh wow! That's a lot of bad luck with that dress! I really hope you get it and I hope you love it!

Caylee ★ sa...

I'm sorry you've had to go through all that for the dress! It's a lovely one, so I hope it gets to you safely!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Caro-chan & Caylee ★: Thankyou both so much, right now I'm hoping at worst it will return to the sender if nothing else.