onsdag 29 december 2010

Makeup inspiration for new year

This year I decided not to join in with the stressed hoard of girls seaching for the perfect dress for the new years eve party. I knew that if I didn't get around buying MILK's aurora print I would stick to my other blue and sparkley MILK dress. I'll lose the cardigan and wear it with tigh-highs if I dare in this cold, othervise just some nice stockings and simple heels.My challenge will lie in altering myself. I like this make up, it's super dark and dramatic with a nude lip, wonder if I could pull it off, I feel like usualy only one style of make up suits me.
What are you guys doing on new years eve and what are you wearing doing it?

2 kommentarer:

Bella sa...

Im thinking on Newyearseve I would wear my fanciest outfit; pj, my hair in a bun and watching van hellsing

Josephine Valentine sa...

Bella: I think it sounds like a pretty great eavning although I personaly would skip Van Hellsing.