måndag 13 december 2010

Small world

So I went to Stockholm this weekend and instead of lounging about town shopping I ended up at a hotel right next to where Swedens first suicide bomber took his life, I was safe and sound at a resturant with my family and I only noticed the police and fire trucks. I only saw it on the news after I got back to the hotel and then I walked past the place where it happened in the morning. It was a little unsetteling to see, a piece of the wall in the alley had been blown out. As if that wasn't enough for a weekend, when I got back home I got told the bomber comes from the city I live in now, he supposedly went to school with some of my friends and used to live on top of the bar where I've applied for extra houers. I hate theese kind of coincidences, it makes me feel like the world is simply too small!

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