fredag 12 november 2010

Daily coordination and going to see mom

Lager håller värmen i snön, nu beger jag mig till Linköping för att träffa mor över helgen. När jag kommer tillbaka så hoppas jag på att ha mer energi, inte bara för bloggandet, jag skulle behöva rycka upp migsjälv överlag.
Jag har gjort vad jag tror blir den sista garderobs räden på länge och resultatet finns upplagt till försäljning på Gothloli som vanligt.
Translation: I'm going to see mom over the weekend and I hope that when I come back I will have a lot more energy for blogging and for life in general. I did another closet clean so for those interested I now have a bunch of stuff for sale at gothloli. If you are interested in something but not a member feel free to send me an email.

5 kommentarer:

PipsyPops sa...

the forum is in swedish, which I can't read T T
would you have any of the items on livejournal?
BTW, I'd love to see more pictures of you! You can always leave your face out if you want to show how the clothes look on you if you don't want a full body picure ^ ^

Luz sa...

Pretty outfit :) HAve fun

Anonym sa...

Oh, this coordinate looks really pretty ^^. The cardigan is pure love

Goog luck with your mom n.n!

Caylee ★ sa...

This coordinate is so cute! ♥
Are all items Angelic Pretty?

Josephine Valentine sa...

PipsyPops: I'm sorry but I don't have an LJ acount! But if you like anything in the thread I can send you the info in english in a mail!
Oh the reason I do outfit posts like this is because I don't have anyone to take my picture around and no good spot for a self timer, such fail but true U_U
Luz: Thankyou! ~♥
Sachiko: Thankyou! I love this cardigan with twinkle tartan.
Caylee ★: Yes, everything but the white blouse you see peeking out, thats from Baby!