måndag 15 november 2010

New items

I did some shopping with my mom this weekend, I got some new things for the home, a pair of shoes and I found a Noa Noa store! It's a really cute brand, I splurged on some nice thick tights for winter, I think they will go great with Emily temple cute style. The middle pair sparkles in gold!
And today when I got back home the mailman knocked on the door with this in his arms:
A Victorian Maiden regimental stripe bag, so lovley! This is my first Victorian Maiden item. The style of this, compared to many of my other bags, is really mature and I think that will be a good thing to have in my closet. I still want to put a little something on it to make it more personal, I was thinking about a fox tail but the question is: Wich colour?Theese are the two I like! A mixed brown one by Onespo and a jet black one by EGOIST.
What do you think, brown or black?

7 kommentarer:

Caylee ★ sa...

I think the brown one is cuter, but the black matches the bag more.

Also, those tights are super cute!

❤Cate❤ sa...

Those tights are so pretty <3

I like the black but then I'm biased as black is my colour xoxo

Arika sa...

I think brown will go better with what I've seen of your wardrobe.
But black still works too.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Caylee ★: My thoughts exactley, that's why it's so hard to choose *_*
❤Cate❤: I really love them NoaNoa has the best tights!
Arika: True, my closet is alot of soft and brown colours latley but I have alot of black since before so I think both colours would look good in my closet.

Mjauki sa...

Is it a real foxtail ? I liked to borwn one:)

insertcake sa...

i love those tights! <3

Josephine Valentine sa...

Mjauki: I'm not sure but probably, there is alot of real fur in japan.
Insertcake: thankyou for your comment, I think so too! Such adoreble colours.