onsdag 24 november 2010


First of all, I got the job! I'll start in December, just in time for christmas presents. A friend of mine will be working there aswell and the pay is quite good so I'm looking forward to start work and of course to shop until I drop.
Secondly, only two days left on the Kawaiiism/Liz Lisa giveaway so if you haven't alredy voted, please do!
Last but not least, rambeling about clothes! It's really freaking cold here now, it's so windy and snowing just about all the time. I don't know why I never expect it?I miss home where we have an open fire place.
I'm thinking I'll need to buy some sweatshirts and maybe some thicker knits because obviously my blouses and cardigans are not cutting it. I sort of fell in love with this while browsing, cute oversized style with a ginormous ribbon. I think it's by Onespo but I don't know much else, anyone else have some info? Is it old or still available? I sort of like the WC Japan baggy shirt aswell, mostly because it looks comfortable enough to die in but I also find it really funny for some reason. I'm thinking about getting it of the auctions but I'm always so cheap when I'm not buying lolita stuff. The yellow one (the one I like) seems to go for about ¥ 7000 wich is only about half the price of the cardigans and blouses I usualy buy but I'm still hesitant.

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