måndag 22 november 2010

Japanese food items I didn't expect to miss

Curry Pan
Sort of a non sweet fried doughnut kind of dough filled with vegetable Curry, can be eaten hot and cold and sold at the konbinis and curry resturants. I think I was the only one out of everyone I knew who ate this more then once, I belive a lot of them got an upset stomach from eating it. Even though I was fine after eating them several times I had no clue what kind of cravings I would later develop for theese buns. I have not tried to make this at home yet but I did find alot of recepies when I was browsing for pictures so maybe it's about time. Sugar & butter fried toast
The name pretty much says everything, toast panfried in sugar and butter. I'm pretty sure no one else in my class tried this one, everyone though it sounded pretty nasty and at first I could agree, but after eating it it's quite good! It tasted alot like a sweet pancake! I only ate this once and never saw it at the konbini next to my school again. Meiji chocolate
Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing really weird about meiji, it's a great chocolate! The thing is, if you don't alredy know it, Swedish chocolate is ridicilously delicious and before I went to Japan I thought I would go insane without it, so all the time I though Meiji was just a substitute for Marabou. Since I got home I really miss it though. I didn't think about it at the time but how thin the chocolate bar is makes it so good, it feels light and melts in your mouth. My favourite's Hi-milk and extra milk.

3 kommentarer:

Arika sa...

I adore Curry Pan. I wants it now *sigh*.

rusty sa...

I completely agree with the chocolate. I fell in love with it as well when I used to live there. All of the things you stated, but also the fact that it has such a beautiful packaging.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Arika: Oh I could kill somebody if it meant they would start selling curry pan at the gas station close to my apartment, it looks like such a hazzle to make I just wanna buy it pre-packaged.
Rusty: That's so true for a lot of japanese food and also when you eat out it's served so beautifuly. Can you get meiji in like asian food markets or do I need to make my friends living there send me some?