måndag 15 november 2010

Kawaiiism giveaway

Reminds me of the fact that I was planning to do that aswell but now I might aswell wait for it to hit 200.
I rarley partake in giveaways, mainly because they tend to be sort of lottery like and I'm so unlucky by nature, but this one was acctualy super fun to do!
And it doesn't hurt that I really want that adoreble knitted hat, if your not competing yourself, please hold your fingers crossed for me and give me a vote if I'm lucky enough to make it to the final 5
I took the chance to do another paint coordination, it's been a while but I acctualy love drawing in paint (although I apparently can't write in it for shit). I did a pretty Liz lisa-esque coordinate for fall, a loose fitted top and a sling bag makes for a relaxed, comfortable and practical outfit. Mixing argyle and tartan is also a favourite of mine, if you keep them the both in the same range of colours I don't think it looks too busy. To top it off, this falls trends in shape of a fox fur tail, some furry boot stoppers and of course the ribbon adorned hat.
I don't really wear gyaru but I could definetley go shopping like this!

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