torsdag 25 november 2010

Overwhelmingly awesome

I'm sure most of you know of/remember the last Q-pot x Sharp colaboration, the melting chocolat phone.
And now it's chapter two, Q-pots popular milk&chocolate biscuit design in the shape of a phone and I want it so much! Will Japanese Sharp phones work in europe? I just know the one I got in japan when I lived there doesn't work here now but it's just a pre-paid from softbank, surley something this fancy should be a little more international?

4 kommentarer:

insertcake sa...

that's just.... beyond awesome * A *

MsMoon sa...

waah *___*
those are so..yummeeeeh <3
couldn`t have one tho..i`d be
craving for choccie and biccies the whole time ^^;; nomnom

rusty sa...

Incredibly sweet. *_* Like insertcake wrote, it's beyond awesome!
I know that when I lived in Tokyo, a friend of mine wanted a nicer-looking phone than the rest of us (the usual, softbank ugly-ass phone). It had 3G, so the seller told her she should be able to use in in Sweden, but then only by using 3G-net (or whatever it's called ;_;).
So maybe you should check with the phone company if it has a 3G connection-type-thing, and if they don't, you can probably assume it won't work outside of Japan. :(

Josephine Valentine sa...

insertcake: sure is *_*
MsMoon: Haha that is a downside to it ^_^
rusty: Ah but that's probably good news, 3G is much more common here now so as long as Japan hasn't moved on to something else I would guess it's ok!